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Study Tour to Strasbourg, Brussels and Geneva


A study tour of the Diplomatic School students to EU institutions, International Organisations and Diplomatic Missions of Armenia in Strasbourg, Brussels and Geneva took place from May 14 to 25. Graduates of the 2020-21 “International Relations and Diplomacy” programme, who were recruited by the MFA, also took part in it.

On May 16th and 17th, the DS students and graduates visited the European Court of Human Rights and the Council of Europe in Strasbourg, and acquired a better insight of the activities of the institutions. They also met with Arman Khachatryan, Permanent Representative of Armenia to the Council of Europe, and the staff of the Mission, who spoke about the daily activities of the Armenian Representation and answered the students’ questions.

While in Strasbourg, the group also visited its History Museum.

From 18th to 20th of May, the Diplomatic School visited the main institutions of the EU in Brussels: the European Commission, the European External Action Service, the European Parliament and the Council. Lectures about the general activities of these structures, as well as meetings with the representatives working with Armenia and countries of the region were organized, followed by question and answer sessions.

The participants of the study tour had the opportunity to visit also the new NATO headquarters, meet with NATO officials and discuss current challenges of the organisation.

In Brussels, the students and graduates of the School were hosted by Ambassador Anna Aghajanyan, and the Mission’s staff, who briefed them on the work of Armenia’s Mission to the EU and Armenia’s Embassy to Belgium and answered questions raised by the students. 

In Belgium, the participants of the study tour visited the Waterloo Memorial 1815 and the Museum of Musical Instruments in Brussels.

On May 23rd and 24th, meetings were held in Geneva with the President of the Human Rights Council, the Permanent Observer of the UN University for Peace, with representatives from the International Committee of the Red Cross and the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights.

The DS students visited the UN Library in Geneva and also had the opportunity to tour the UN Office in Geneva, formerly the headquarters of the League of Nations.

In Geneva, the Diplomatic School visited the Armenian Mission to the UN and met with the staff of the Mission and of the Embassy of Armenia to Switzerland.

The study tour to the EU and International Organisations was funded jointly by the Diplomatic School and the European Union.