Recent guest lecturers

21.10.2019 • Alan Whitehorn

On October 21 Dr. Alan Whitehorn , an emeritus professor at   the Royal Military College of Canada , political scientist and poet delivered a talk entitled “Remembering and Understanding Genocide Through Literature and the Arts: A C ase Study of the Armenian Genocide and the Holocaust”  at the Diplomatic School of Armenia. The professor spoke about   the importance of using art as a tool for remembering genocide for scientists. Alan Whitehorn presented selected survivor memoirs, featured films, poetry, pieces of art and music devoted to the Armenian Genocide and the Holocaust and spoke of their impact on public perception of these events .

14.10.2019 • Sam Potolicchio

On October 14 th Dr. Sam Potolicchio, professor at the McDonough School of Business at Georgetown University, Distinguished University Professor, President of the Preparing Global Leaders Forum and a Visiting Lecturer at the University of Bologna and Mannheim Business School delivered a lecture entitled “ Public speaking and influence; effective thinking in a complex world ” for the diplomats of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Armenia . The professor spoke about the tools to make public speeking effective pointing out the importance of the latter for diplomats.

10.10.2019 • EU Ambassador Andrea Wiktorin

On October 10 th , the Diplomatic School hosted the Head of the EU delegation to Armenia, Ambassador Andrea Wiktorin, who spoke about EU-Armenia relations for diplomats working at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.   The newly appointed Head of the EU Delegation shared with the audience her positive impressions of Yerevan, spoke about the development of the Armenia-EU relations, the process of reforms after the signing of the EU Comprehensive and Enhanced Partnership Agreement (CEPA), the role of the EU Delegation in Armenia and a number of their projects, including EU support in the education sphere and creating new opportunities for the youth . Topics such as human rights, gender equality and other issues were also discussed.

15.08.2019 • Raffi Bedrosyan

Raffi Bedrosyan, a Canadian intellectual of Armenian descent was invited by the Diplomatic School and the Policy Planning Department of the MFA, to talk on the topic of “The Hidden Armenians of Turkey” on August 15 th . The efforts of Mr. B etrosyan and his supporters made the restoration and the re-opening of St. Kirakos Church in Tigranakert (Diarbekir) possible a few years ago and the famous edifice of Armenian faith has since become a venue for hidden Armenians of the region to meet and re-discover their Armenian identity. Raffi Bedrosyan has authored dozens of articles about his many visits to Turkey, which, published in different media over several years, told the story of his contacts with hidden Armenians, and how they traveled the difficult path of identity revelation. These articles were recently published in a single volume as “Trauma and Resilience: Armenians in Turkey – hidden, not hidden and no longer hidden”. The...

19.06.2019 • Historian Vahagn Avedian

On June 19 th , Vahagn Avedian (Sweden), a historian, specializing in research concerning the fields of genocide, human rights, peace and conflict and democracy delivered a lecture entitled "The Politics of Memory of the Armenian Genocide" for the diplomats of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Armenia . The lecturer spoke about the memory formation and its role, the differences of formation of historical memory in states where genocides have occurred and particularly about the developments after the Armenian Genocide in the Ottoman Empire ․ V. Avedian is the author of the book "The Politics of Memory of the Armenian Genocide" published in 2017 and 2018, as well as the co-founder and editor of and other websites.  

07.06.2019 • Political scientist Nicolas Tenzer

On June 7 th , Nicolas Tenzer, a French political scientist,   editor and professor delivered a lecture for the diplomats of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Armenia. He offered his vision of the modern world, speaking about multipolar world, re-establishment of the role of the states, new ruling elites , the increasing role of the peoples in international relations, the new hierarchies of power, the changing influence of Europe and other centres of power and answered the diplomats’ questions. The Ambassador of France in Armenia Jonathan Lacôte and other representatives of the French embassy also attended the meeting.  

23.05.2019 • Political scientist Gerard Chaliand

Gérard Chaliand, an expert in geopolitics and conflicts hosted at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Armenia O n  May 23th , invited by the Diplomatic School and the Policy Planning Department of the MFA, Gérard Chaliand, a French expert in geopolitics and military strategy of Armenian descent delivered a lecture entitled “Why we have stopped winning irregular wars after the war in Vietnam” for the diplomats of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Armenia. Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Artak Apitonyan introduced the guest and underlined the vast experience and reputation of Dr Chaliand as a foremost expert in geopolitics and conflicts.  The lecturer offered a view of the West's engagement in irregular warfare s since the US intervention in Vietnam, to today ’ s ongoing conflict s in Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan . The author of dozens of books and numerous articles on conflicts described...

06.03.2019 • Amitabh Singh, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Jawaharlal Nehru University

On March 6 th , the Diplomatic School hosted Amitabh Singh, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Centre for Russian and Central Asian Studies, School of International Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University , India, who delivered a lecture for the diplomats of the MFA. Professor Singh spoke about some landmarks of the history of India, the creation of modern India, Indo-Armenian relations and the Armenian heritage in India. The discussion following Professor Singh’s presentation addressed the questions about the Indian membership in the different international organizations and Indian engagement in various regional and global processes and other topics.    

27.09.2018 • Professor Nicholas Cull at the Diplomatic School

On September 27 th , the Diplomatic School hosted the founding director of the Master of Public Diplomacy program at the University of South Carolina, editor of the journal “Place Branding and Public Diplomacy ”, the President of the International Association for Media and History, Professor Nicholas Cull, who delivered a lecture entitled “From Diasporas to Digital: Public Diplomacy for Small Countries ” for officials of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Diaspora. The meeting was organized by the Diplomatic School of Armenia. Welcoming the speaker, the Director of the Diplomatic School, Ambassador Vahe Gabrielyan emphasized the importance of the topic, as public diplomacy is an important part of the daily work of public servants. Professor Cull spoke about public diplomacy as a practical and important element of “soft power”. He spoke about his understanding of the role and the meaning, as well as some...

17.07.2018 • Ambassador of China Tian Erlong

On July 17 th , Diplomatic School hosted the Ambassador of China to Armenia, H.E. Tian Erlong. Ambassador Erlong delivered a lecture on the stages of development of China’s foreign policy, its characteristic features and priorities, and the “One belt, one road” initiative, as well as spoke about the bilateral relations between Armenia and China and China-funded programmes in Armenia. Ambassador Erlong answered the student’s questions on these and other topics.

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