The Diplomatic School of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Armenia announces admittance for its “International Relations and Diplomacy” programme in May or December and accepts documents in a period of a month following the announcement. Entrance exams are administered respectively in July or February.

The programme starts in late September and ends in July of the next year or starts in February and ends in December of the same year.

The current programme will run from the end of February, 2020 till the end of December, 2020.

Citizens of the Republic of Armenia, up to 35 years of age and with a university degree are eligible to apply. The university degree needs to be in one of the professions specified by the N1191-N, 23 Octobert 2014 Decree of the Government, “List of University Specialities and Qualifications in Armenia” (in Armenian).

The languages of instruction at the Diplomatic School are Armenian, English and Russian. Proficiency in all the three languages is obligatory.

Education at the Diplomatic School is free of charge.

For a list of documents necessary for the participation in entrance examinations, please click here (in Armenian).

Applicants who submit all the required documents and meet the mentioned criteria of citizenship, age and education are invited to write an essay on a foreign policy/international relations issue in Armenian, English and Russian (all the three). Successful applicants are invited to an interview which may be conducted in any or all of the languages of instruction. The highest-ranking applicants are offered a place in the programme.

The curriculum comprises theoretical and practical courses for each of which there is a formal evaluation at the end. Together with the results of the current exams, the final or graduation exam, as well as attendance and internship make up the student’s cumulative grade for the programme.

Students, who complete the programme successfully, receive a Graduation Certificate. Top graduates, in accordance with RA laws, may be offered a job in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Classes are held on the premises of the Diplomatic School which is located in the building of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Applicants having a job should take into consideration that classes are held daily, five days a week, and may last up to 5 academic hours.

Documents for the entrance competition should be submitted in person at the Diplomatic School, Government Building 2, Vazgen Sargsyan 3, Yerevan, 0010.

For additional information applicants can contact the Diplomatic School via telephone: 010583928 or 060620221 (extension 221 from the lobby of the MFA), or e-mail:

Note* Applicants should not suffer any illnesses that are on the “List of Illnesses Preventing the Implementation of Service Duties and Remits” (in Armenian).